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Mobile Internet

Packages with Internet traffic for a month

1Gb Package

Internet package for communication in social networks and messengers!

200 rub/month

2Gb Package

2 GB of Internet for communication and music.

280 rub/month

3Gb Package

Optimal Internet package!

350 rub/month

5Gb Package

Internet package for communication, music and video.

500 rub/month

Prodli internet

Has Internet package come to its limit? With the service "Prodli Internet" (Prolong Internet) you get 1 GB of traffic for 180 roubles only!

180 rub/month

Daily traffic packages

50 MB Package

Optimal for messengers: 50 Mb of traffic for 7 roubles/day only!.

7 rub/day

100 MB Package

Optimal Internet traffic for advanced users with a daily subscription fee.

12 rub/day

150 MB Package

For Internet hard-users.

17 rub/day

Prodli internet 24

Has Internet package come to its limit? Prolong the service for 24 hours! 50 Mb for only 6 roubles!

6 rub/day

Avtoprodlenie interneta

You never run out of traffic again with "Avtoprodlenie interneta"!

Packages for Russia and the CIS, discounts


All numbers in Uzbekistan for 3.9 rub/min, 300 minutes package for calls in RF and 2 Gb of Internet

390 rub/month

Armenia 500

200 minutes in Russia, 200 minutes to Ucom Armenia, 2Gb on Internet and 100 SMS for 500 rub/month.

500 rub/month

Armenia 900

400 minutes in Russia, 400 minutes in Ucom Armenia, 4Gb of Internet and 200 SMS for 900 rub/month.

900 rub/month

Subscription and useful services


Измените слышимость вашего голоса в реальном времени

Concierge service

Get advice on legal issues, rent housing, order railway and air tickets, get address and phone number references and any other questions by short number 0555!

25 rub/min

Zameni gudok (Change your ring tone)

Get a hit song Instead of dial tones! Subscribe to the service and get to choose a melody from our catalogue for free!

2.5 rub/day


What is the weather like? AIVA will tell you!

1.5 rub/day


It is going to be a lucky day! Our horoscope will tell you!

2.5 rub/day

Exchange rates

Get current exchange rates straight on your phone: US dollar, euro, etc.

1.5 rub/day


Получайте Hadithes из Сахих аль-Бухари ежедневно на Ваш телефон!

2.5 rub/day

Ayats from Koran

Get Ayats from Koran on your phone every day!

2.5 rub/day

Namaz time

You will not miss namaz with convenient distribution from AIVA! Actual time provided by Mufti Council!

1 rub/day

Upravlenie nomerom

Useful numbers
Check balance*110#
Information about the last payment*110*11#
About your tariff plan*110*21#
Enabled services*110*33#
Check minutes, messages and Mbs left in the package*110*100#

Phone support
8 800 333-66-33

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