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Mobile Internet

Packages with Internet traffic for a month

1Gb Package

Internet package for communication in social networks and messengers!

200 rub/month

2Gb Package

2 GB of Internet for communication and music.

280 rub/month

3Gb Package

Optimal Internet package!

350 rub/month

5Gb Package

Internet package for communication, music and video.

500 rub/month

Prodli internet

Has Internet package come to its limit? With the service "Prodli Internet" (Prolong Internet) you get 1 GB of traffic for 180 roubles only!

180 rub/month

Daily traffic packages

50 MB Package

Optimal for messengers: 50 Mb of traffic for 7 roubles/day only!.

7 rub/day

100 MB Package

Optimal Internet traffic for advanced users with a daily subscription fee.

12 rub/day

150 MB Package

For Internet hard-users.

17 rub/day

Prodli internet 24

Has Internet package come to its limit? Prolong the service for 24 hours! 50 Mb for only 6 roubles!

6 rub/day

Avtoprodlenie interneta

You never run out of traffic again with "Avtoprodlenie interneta"!

Packages for Russia and the CIS, discounts


All Uzbekistan за 3,9 rub/min, unlimited внутри сети, 300 min на номера России и 2 GB Internetа!

390 rub/month

Armenia 500

200 minutes in Russia, 200 minutes to Ucom Armenia, 2Gb on Internet and 100 SMS for 500 rub/month.

500 rub/month

Armenia 900

400 minutes in Russia, 400 minutes in Ucom Armenia, 4Gb of Internet and 200 SMS for 900 rub/month.

900 rub/month

Subscription and useful services

Content ban

No additional services!

0 rub

Upravlenie nomerom

Useful numbers
Check balance*110#
Information about the last payment*110*11#
About your tariff plan*110*21#
Enabled services*110*33#
Check minutes, messages and Mbs left in the package*110*100#

Phone support
8 800 333-66-33

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