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Frequently asked questions

First steps

How to acivate the SIM-card?

No need to get additional activation. The carrier network gets activated automatically. In case of difficulties, try to choose the network manually. Enter the SIM-card menu -> Manually and choose AIVA mobile, if you are in Russia, and the partner's network if you are in another country.

Where to buy?

Find how to connect your SIM-card through the link.


*110# - Account balance check.
*110*11# - Date and amount of the latest payment credited.
*110*33# - Connected services.
*110*21# - Parameters of your plan.
*110*100# - Remains of Internet Mb in the Bundle.
*320# - Check the traffic remains in the services "Armenia 500" or "Armenia 900". *320# - Check your numbers AIVA and Ucom

Balance and payment

How to pay for communications services?

Balances of Dual SIM-cards are recharged separately. To replenish the Russian balance, please choose the payment recipient "AIVA  mobile". To replenish the second number account, please choose the partner-carrier (Babilon-Mobile, DNA, Ucell, Ucom). To get to know the ways to recharge eah number, please follow the link;
Recharging balance through payment terminals:
  • for Russian number, choose the payment recipient "AIVA  mobile" and enter the Russian number in the format  9XX ХХХ ХХ ХХ
  • for Armenian number, choose the payment recipient Ucom and enter the Armenian number in the format  374XX ХХХ ХХ ХХ
  • for Finnish number, choose the payment recipient DNA and enter the Finnish number in the format  358XX ХХХ ХХ ХХ
  • for Tajik number, choose the payment recipient Babilon-Mobile and enter the Tajik number in the format  992 918 ХХ ХХ ХХ or 992 98 ХХ ХХ ХХ
  • for Uzbek number, choose the payment recipient Ucell and enter the Uzbek number in the format  998XX ХХХ ХХ ХХ

How to check the balance?

*110# - Account balance check.
*110*100# - Remains of Internet Mb in the Bundle.
*320# - Check the traffic remains in the option "Armenia 500", "Armenia 900".

How to get money back in case of wrong payment?

To transfer the funds to the correct AVIA mobile number or get the funds back, send the filled in application form to the address: Please attach the scan copy of the payment check  

What to do if the funds do not arrive to the account?

Double-check the telephone number stated on the check. 


How to change the plan?

It's impossible to change the plan.

How to get to know the current plan?

To get to know your plan parameters, use the command *110*21#

SIM-card and number

How to find out the PIN and PUK codes?

PIN and PUK codes are kept under the protective blanket of the plastic base o the SIM-card. If the base does not remain, please contact our Support Service.

What to do in case the telephone was stolen?

In case your telephone was stolen, please contact us as soon as possible for blocking your number. 

What is the SIM-card format?

Our SIM-card is universal and fits any standard — Mini-, Nano- and Micro-SIM.


How to choose the network manually in case it doesn't get activated automatically?

In case AIVA mobile failed to get activated automatically, please follow the SIM-menu:
  • Android: Menu → AIVA-INFO → Carrier → Manually → AIVA
  • iOS: Menu → Settings → Phone → SIM Applications → Operator → Manually → AIVA
  • JAVA: Menu → Tools → AIVA-INFO →Operator → Manually → AIVA

How to set up call-forwarding?

All calls: **21*telephone number#
No answer: **61*phone number**time interval#
Busy: **67*telephone number#

How to set up SMS?

SMS is set up by default. If you have difficulties with sending messages, please check the SMS-center number in the telephone settings. It should be indicated in the format +79585559986.

How to set up Internet?

Internet is activated automatically after SIM-card is installed. If there is no Internet access, check your telephone settings.

How to set up MMS?

MMS is not provided.

Additional services

What are advantages of call-forwarding?

In SIM-card with two numbers (plans "Vsegda doma", "Moya Armenia) call-farwarding between the numbers: Russian and the other one (Tajik, Armenian depending on the plan) is activated automatically. The second number ususally refers to the country you visit most frequently or with the bigger amount of your contacts. Call it "Country 2". When you are in Russia, calls of your friends from Country 2 to your second number will be charged according to your home tariffs, the same as yours. When you are in Country 2, incoming calls from the Russian number are automatically forwarded to your second number, active in Country 2. You will communicate according to your home tariffs of your partner. You will always stay connected and won't lose any call!

How do I find out who called me when my phone was turned off or out of coverage?

Connect the service "Kto zvonil". More details.

Are the services call-waitng/retention and congerence-call available?

The services are connected by default.

Service activation: *43# call button.
Service deactivation: #43# call button.
Check the service status: *#43# call button.

How to add the number to the "Black list"?

You may add a telephone number to the "Black list" if this function is supported by your telephone. For detailed information please contact your telephone vendor.

Documents and order forms

Personal data

Contract execution requires subscriber’s personal data submission. Our company handles subscriber’s personal data in strict accordance with the Federal law № 152-ФЗ «On personal data», ensuring their confidentiality and safety. One of the operations of personal data processing is their correction (update and change). List of third parties, engaged to personal data processing.

Сроки устранения неисправностей на сетях связи АО «МТТ»

OJSC «MTT» undertakes to repair faults on its communications networks, hindering provision of services, within the period of 10 (ten) working days starting from the date of subscriber’s application registration, if it is not otherwise stated by the current legislation of RF. In the event, troubles on the communications network of OJSC «МТТ» cannot be eliminated within the specified period (including cases, caused by actions of third parties (acts of vandalism, robbery, other kinds of damage of OJSC«МТТ» property), in case of force majeure circumstances etc.), OJSC «МТТ» has the right to prolong the terms of trouble fixation, informing the subscriber on the terms extension.

Правила оказания услуг подвижной радиотелефонной связи АО «МТТ»


Офисы обслуживания Клиентов

Офисы обслуживания AIVA mobile:

г. Москва, м. Дмитровская, ул. Новодмитровская, дом 2, корпус 2, 13 этаж (БЦ «Савеловский»). Ориентир «Агентcтво связи».

Режим работы: Ежедневно с 9 до 20.
Вход в здание осуществляется строго по пропускам (для заказа пропуска необходимо позвонить по номеру +7 (495) 247-88-88 / +7 (495) 286-88-88 и сообщить оператору, что требуется пропуск).

Как добраться на общественном транспорте:

м. Дмитровская (Серпуховско-Тимирязевская линия, серая ветка).

  • После стеклянных дверей метро нужно повернуть направо. Далее подняться на улицу по лестнице выхода № 3 и повернуть налево. Вы находитесь на Бутырской улице.
  • Идите по Бутырской улице против движения автомобилей до Новодмитровской улицы.
  • Не переходя Новодмитровскую улицу, поверните налево. И идите прямо до железнодорожных путей. Перейдите их по переходу.
  • После ЖД путей поверните направо и идите до пешеходного перехода. Перейдите дорогу и продолжите движение направо до дома 2 корпус 2 (серо-белый корпус).

Cлужба поддержки Клиентов

Should you have any questions, please, connect us at

Numbers to check your plans:
6633 or  +79585556633 – plans "Vsegda doma", "Druzhba", "Druzhba regions", "Privet"
4044 or  +79587774044 – plan "Finlyandia"
8123 or  +79585558123 – plan "Gostepriimniy"
6776 or  +79584066776 – plan "Delovoy"
2345 or  +79585552345 – plan "Domashniy telephon"
4444 or  +79585554444 – plan "Moya Armenia"